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Holidays in the mountains are amazing, full of breath-taking scenery and thrilling adventures leading to some very memorable experiences; however, holidays in the mountains aren’t for the fainthearted and the action packed lifestyle can lead to very sore and stiff muscles, impacting on your daily activities.

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Here at Alpine Vista our resident therapist holds the internationally recognised level 3 NVQ qualification in Swedish and holistic full body massage and is fully insured to help soothe some of your aches and pains. Whether you want a relaxing treat to end your day or a deep tissue massage to release tightness and tension to help you stay active throughout your holiday, we are sure to have a treatment to help you make the most of every minute of your holiday in this wonderful area.

The range of services on offer can be performed in the comfort of your own home/holiday chalet or in our specially designed massage room at Chalet Mathilde. The choice is yours.

Swedish massage

Using grapeseed oil scented with an essential oil of your choice, the routine will focus on long sweeping movements with the aim of releasing tension and breaking down knots in your muscles, leading to a state of deep relaxation. Massage helps to boost circulation, delivering nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and skin helping muscles to recover faster and breaking down fat deposits causing cellulite. Overall, Swedish massage leads to a greater sense of physical and mental well-being.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage however uses a greater pressure intensity over knots and areas of tension within the muscles to perform at a deeper level. The objective is less focused on relaxation and more on long-term muscle recovery and the removal of lactic acid build-up.

Price List

Signature Massage  35€   (1h)
Full Body massage tailored to your needs (AV guests only)

Mountain Rescue   59€ – 69€   (1h – 1h15)
Full Body Swedish or Deep tissue massage

Massage a Trois   49€   (45 mins)
Swedish or Deep tissue massage on 3 body parts

Ski Legs   39€   (30 mins)
Swedish or Deep tissue massage on legs and feet

During our consultation you are free to tailor the treatments to suit you, if there are parts of your body that you would like to be paid particular attention to or conversely would like omitted that is perfectly fine.


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